API Rate limiting

The API uses rate limiting to ensure the stability and reliablity for all clients, in both the production and sandbox environments. All endpoints are affected and you have a maximum amount of calls allowed in a given period: 500ms per customer

If you go over any of these rate limits (by doing too many API calls), you will receive the response code 409 with the response Content : "Rate limit exceeded. You can call this service only every 500 ms.

If you are frequently being affected by this error, please contact our support team to ensure your integration is approriate or to increase your limits

With normal usage of the API, you should not be affected by these rate limits. However if you plan to launch many API requests together (to do some batch payouts/transfers for example), it is very important to take into account these header infos, and adapt your scripts accordingly - for example, if you do not have many calls left for a bucket, you should start adding increasing pauses in-between your calls, to ensure you don’t go over a limit.